QCBRA – Too Broke for Vegas

Horseshoe Park- The Queen Creek Barrel Racing Association held their “Too Broke for Vegas Race” on Sunday afternoon out at the Horseshoe Park in Queen Creek. Lisa Lutjen ran a 17.333 second run with Complete Bully, then came back to beat that run on Bugs with a time of 17.253 giving her the win in the 1D catagory followed by Maureen Kelley on Texas Real Estate, and Hailey Portonova on Rowdy. In 2D first place with a time of 17.804 was Karli Cowie on Parda, followed by Brianna Brawn on JPH Famous Legacy, and Sonda Marks on Fly Bye Olena. In 3D Kathy Corr on Steele had the best time of 18.267, followed by Sherry Massey on Streak Shine to Vegas, and Tara Wilkinson on Vanzis Famous Chic. Finally in 4D, Shawn Russell on Cater ran a time of 19.276, followed by Peri Wilson on Leroy, and Sara Lord on Smoke.

Photographer: Brian Minson


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